3 Great Apps to Help You Sell Your Stuff and Make Money Quickly

3 Great Apps to Help You Sell Your Stuff and Make Money Quickly

Let’s face it: sometimes when we shop, things can get a little out of control. We wind up buying more than we need, and a lot of the things that were so tantalizing to us in the moment, become but clutter at the bottom of our closets. But that clutter, regardless of the extent to which it accumulates, is likely worth a lot more than you think. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” right? So why not brave the dust mites floating around in your closet, sort through that heaping pile of who knows what, and spend an afternoon listing the items for sale?

Our smartphones and mobile devices, with aid of the so-called app economy, have given rise in recent years to a plethora of useful and intuitive apps that are designed to help you sell your stuff! So if you’re running low on cash and high on junk, or if you just want to do a little spring cleaning with the prospect of financial gain, then give any of these great “sell your stuff” apps a try today!

1. Carousell


Are you a hoarder? Are you looking to simplify that pile of pre-loved goods taking up occupancy at the bottom of your closet? Then you definitely need to try listing some of those items on Carousell — the premier, ‘community marketplace’ for iOS- and Android-powered devices. With Carousell, you’ll be able to buy or sell anything — from clothing and accessories, to beauty products, furniture, art and books, cars and bikes, or even homes!


Create beautiful listings and upload photos in as quick as 30 seconds; shop the vast marketplace and browse for items that are of interest to you; or even set up your own e-commerce storefront to sell your products with ease. Find something that tickles your fancy? Chat with the seller privately at the mere tap of a finger, allowing you to secure deals just as seamlessly as you can score them. Carousell is free to download and free to use — but the amazing finds you’ll discover inside are bound to cost you a little extra!

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2. Boxes


Are you a collector of rare or otherwise valuable, one-of-a-kind items? Then you definitely need to share your collection and engage with the vast community of like-minded people just waiting to be discovered on Boxes for iOS. Boxes is a unique social community for people who love collecting things, and who want to share their collection with others, keep it clean and simple, fully customizable, and always accessible from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


You’ll be able to interact with other collectors, sell or trade parts or all of your collection, or make an offer on what someone else is offering. Boxes even allows you to set up your own storefront, from which you can sell your products and collectibles like pure clock-work. Boxes is free to download and free to use — or, to upgrade your experience, set up your fully-functional storefront, and sell your products with ease, Boxes Premium is available for a modest $9.99 per year!

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3. Shpock: Boot Sale & Classifieds


If scouring your local flea market for fascinating finds, or browsing the Sunday classifieds, is something you love to do, then Shpock is a must-have. A truly unique, community-based sales app, Shpock allows you to search your neighborhood for treasures of all kinds, or offer up for sale a few of your own. Shpock — the SHop in your POCKet! — is a constantly open marketplace for people to buy and sell their pre-loved, vintage, antique, or simply beautiful, one-of-a-kind items — free of charge, with no hidden fees attached.


Connect with other buyers and sellers in your neighborhood, submit or accept an offer in just seconds, and get your hidden treasures in the hands of someone who will love them just like you did! So if you’re ready to part ways with that ever-growing pile of goods you’ve been desperately hanging on to, then give Shpock a try, and list your treasures for sale today!

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