May 25, 2016 (iOS); May 31, 2016 (Android)
1.5.1 (iOS); 1.5.1 (Android)
iOS 8.0 or later (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch); Android OS v4.1 (Jelly Bean) & Up

Acorns is a revolutionary new way for “the average joe” to invest in stocks, options, and more like a pro! The app can be linked to your personal checking account and, once transactions are processed via your debit card, any spare change leftover (rounded up to the nearest dollar) will be transferred directly into your Acorns account.

Perhaps the coolest feature of Acorns, though, is that, as opposed to selecting your own stocks and thereby taking on more risk of loss, the app intelligently diversifies your investments for you — by spreading them out across a myriad of the most widely held U.S. and international corporations, bonds, and even real estate. So if you spend money with your debit card all the time, just imagine how quickly all those little, seemingly insignificant transactions will add up and build your portfolio from the ground up!

Lauded by a multitude of prominent news outlets — including Bloomberg, The New York Times, Forbes, Business Insider, and more, Acorns is truly a unique way to invest — and opens up the opportunity for even the financially challenged among us to try their hand at investing like the big guys. Not to mention, the transactions carried out via Acorns are commission free! The only thing you’ll have to pay is a nominal, $1/month account service fee, plus 0.25% of your account balance (collected annually). You can also withdraw or deposit money to and from your Acorns and personal checking accounts, anytime, at no cost.

Acorns really takes the guess work out of investing, while mitigating risk, and buying or selling stocks on your behalf at the most opportune time. No wonder Forbes magazine lauds Acorns as being “an app that truly makes investing effortless.” Download Acorns today for either iOS or Android devices, and see for yourself just how easy investing can be!

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