Miniclip SA
Dec 23, 2015
iOS: 6.0/Android 2.3.3 is certainly not the most complex game around. The graphics are simplistic at best, and the gameplay couldn’t be more straightforward – you control a small, single cell organism that cruises around the map absorbing other, smaller cells while avoiding larger cells looking to absorb you. At its core, is like a much uglier, less sophisticated version of Osmos HD. However, offers a couple of tweaks to the gameplay that make it a bit more fun than its counterpart. One, you can split yourself into two cells, and you can also “shoot” bits of yourself to grab onto smaller cells, making gameplay a bit more dynamic. Two, and most important, the game is entirely online with a massive user base. There’s nothing more satisfying than absorbing other frustrated players around the globe. is hectic, fast-paced, chaotic, and entirely addictive. This is one of the best time-wasters I’ve ever encountered. is available free at the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store

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