Any Beer ABV

iOS February 12, 2015, Android December 31, 2012
iOS 1.1.2, Android 3.03
iOS 7.0 or later, Android 1.6 and up

With the recent boom of craft breweries, and the increase in availability of great brews, you can get lost at the pub or restaurant trying new beers. The more beers you drink, the more important it is to understand what kind of punch they’re packing. You may think you’re ok to drive after you have two beers, but if they’re each around 20% alcohol by volume, you might think about catching a cab. Any Beer ABV provides a database telling you the ABV of thousands of brews. With a powerful search engine, you can search by beer, by brewery, by ABV, and more. Although this app is certainly due for an update, it’s a must-have for serious beer drinkers.

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