Elevate Brain Training

Elevate, Inc
April 27, 2016 (iOS); May 17, 2016 (Android)
5.2.1 (iOS); 3.5.1 (Android)
iOS 8.0 & Up (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch); Android OS v4.0.3 (Jelly Bean) & Up.

When it comes to managing, and, more specifically, protecting our mental health, there’s no better place to start than the source — that giant cluster of neurons and grey matter comfortably occupying our skulls, better know as our brains. They’re extremely powerful tools, indeed, capable of storing up to 10 terabytes (10,000 gigabytes) worth of information, iconic memories, and more. And so, as one of our greatest built-in assets, perhaps it goes without saying that we should do whatever we can to keep our noggins in tip-top shape, right?

Well sure! And fortunately, with Elevate Brain Training for iOS or Android, now we can!

Selected by Apple as the 2014 App of the year, Elevate Brain Training was designed to target a broad set of our most vital brain functions — from improving focus, linguistic abilities, processing speed, memory, and more, ensuring that they’re refined and sharpened so they’re always working at their peak. Best of all, though: satisfied users of Elevate Brain Training have unanimously reported dramatic gains in productivity and self-confidence — simply by utilizing the app for just a couple minutes a day, three times per week!

Featuring over 30 individual games that are designed in collaboration with neuroscientists and cognitive experts, as well as they are centered around key areas of cognitive functioning — such as focus, memory, quantitative reasoning, and comprehension, Elevate Brain Training can be customized to present you with personalized, daily brain workouts that are scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your desired area of refinement.

With all this and more, it’s no wonder the Editors at CNET laud Elevate Brain Training as the only app that “comes out ahead of all the other brain training apps.” Download Elevate Brain Training today for free from the Apple or Google Play App Stores and see exactly how you can elevate your mind to new levels!


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