Join by Joaoapps

Join by Joaoapps

Join by Joaoapps

Android April 23, 2016
Android 1.0.8
Android 4.1 and up


Product Description

If you’re familiar with Pushbullet, you know it can be a very useful service for people that spend any amount of time on their desktop or laptop. However, the service recently introduced a paid service and removed several features from the free service. Join is a new service that does pretty much everyone Pushbullet does with some added features. Send and receive notifications and text messages from your phone on your computer, share files, webpages, screenshots, and more between devices, and cut and paste between devices with Join. This is a very powerful tool, and unlike Pushbullet’s subscription-based service with monthly payments, Join requires only a one-time-payment of $5 after a 30-day trial.


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