Next Glass

Next Glass, Inc.
iOS August 19, 2015, Android August 20, 2015
iOS 2.2.0, Android 2.2.0
iOS 7.0 or later, Android 4.0 and up

Next Glass is the ultimate app for beer and wine recommendations. Enjoying the beer or wine you’re drinking? Scan the label of your bottle or can and Next Glass will recommend a beer or wine with a similar flavor profile. Over time, Next Glass builds a personalized “Taste Profile” for you, recommending more drinks that you’re sure to enjoy. According to their website, Next Glass’s recommendation system is based on the “unique chemical makeup” of each drink, and in our experience, the app’s suggestions are typically spot-on. Receive recommendations based on past ratings, search by drink name, read nutritional information, add drinks to your wish list, share your favorites with friends, and more.

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