Pac Man 256

iOS: 8+ Android: 4.0.3 and Up

Pac Man has been one of the world’s most beloved games since it was released over thirty years ago. An icon of video game culture, Pac Man has seen countless remakes, none of which captured the charm of the classic original. However, the creators of the hit game Crossy Road may have come up with a remake worthy of the name. Pac Mac 256 turns the iconic game into an endless runner. The name is a nod to the famous ‘level 256 glitch’ in the original Pac Man, in which a coding error caused the entire right side of the screen into a jumbled mess of letters and numbers. In Pac Man 256, the title character must navigate through an endless maze while being chased by ghosts and the level 256 glitch that perpetually chases you from behind. With some fun new twists such as power ups and bonuses, Pac Man 256 is the most fun re-imagining of the classic yet.


Pac Man 256 is available free at the iTunes Store and Google Play Store

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