Pocket Casts

Shifty Jelly
iOS November 11, 2014, Android January 18, 2016
iOS 5.0.1, Android 5.3
iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.1

If you, like many other people around the world, are just getting into podcasts, and you’re looking for a solid and reliable podcast player/manager, you may want to give Pocket Casts a try. Although the app will run you $3.99, it is absolutely worth the cost. The app features a beautiful Material design, and an intuitive user interface, plus features galore – Pocket Casts features automatic downloads, offline listening, playlists, variable speed, push notifications, Chromecast and Airplay support, a sleep timer, and more. On top of the incredible features, Pocket Casts syncs flawlessly between platforms – so if you begin listening to your podcast on your Android phone, and want to continue on your iPad or MacBook, this is definitely the app for you. There’s no question that the $3.99 is worth it for the hundreds if not thousands of hours of listening pleasure. Pocket Casts is our favorite Android podcast app, and if you own any iOS devices as well, the cross-platform syncing is worth the cost alone.



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