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For some, nothing says “fun in the sun” quite like a tall and frosty, ice-cold craft beer — whether it’s sipped slowly over lunch at a craft brewery restaurant or pub, or downed in a matter of moments as a refreshing, summertime treat. But let’s be honest, here: most enthusiasts know that there’s “beer,” and then there’s “beer,” right? Not all brews are created equal, and sometimes it’s hard to find the best of the best, especially while you’re traveling, sauntering about an unknown locale.

Well, fret you not, beer enthusiasts and craft brew connoisseurs, because now you can experience the best of the barrel with the new Untappd Discover Beer app for iOS and Android!

Created by beer enthusiasts, for beer enthusiasts, Untappd is lauded by users as the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr AND Foursquare of the beer world. With the Untappd app, which is available for FREE on both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store, users can easily connect with fellow beer lovers, upload and share photos of their favorite or current brews, and even search their inherent location for the best of the best. Easily share ratings, reviews, and find out where you can get your hands on exactly what kind of craft brew you’re craving with the Untappd app.

Despite a handful of users reporting minor bugs and UI glitches — and though the latest iOS update (v2.5.7) reports “general bug fixes and improvements,” the majority of Untappd’s 10+ million users praise the social-centric app as a great way to discover and experience new craft beers, meet new people, and see what they’re drinking.

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