Top 3 Productive Messaging Apps for Teams

Top 3 Productive Messaging Apps for Teams

In the working world it is beneficial to have more than one mode of communication. While email and phone calls are still an important way to keep everyone in the loop, chat apps are an amazing way to maintain productivity.

Messaging apps help keep all conversation in one place, making it easy to search for specific details and information. Check out the three best productive messaging apps that will greatly improve team communication within your company.

1. Slack

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An all-time favorite messaging app for most businesses is Slack. Slack is renowned for being fast, familiar, and integrative with many different websites. The best part about Slack is that it is free for teams; however you have to pay if you want certain types of upgrades and features. Chat rooms are organized by hashtags or certain channels so you can distinguish between topics.

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You also have the option for individual or private chat groups. Slack also lets you easily search through past conversations, attachments, and connected accounts. Slack is an absolute must have for any business, and is free to download in both iTunes and Google Play Stores.

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2. HipChat

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HipChat is another classic messaging app that is praised by business worldwide. This app is centered on team chat, with your group chats in the center. You also have the option to make public or private group chats, have individual conversations, and also do video-chatting with real-time screen sharing.

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There is also a plethora of emoji’s you can pick from, or make your own icons. This app is quick and simple to use for all teams, making it a great option for those who want a no-nonsense app. This app is free for download, but if you want the video-chatting, screen sharing, and more it’s $2 per user per month. Get this app from either the iTunes or Google Play Stores.

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 3. 37signals Campfire

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This app is one of the oldest group messaging apps around. This app is fast, straightforward, and the cheapest app compared to the other two. This app also has one of the best cross-platform supports so you can use with both iOS and Android users.

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This app also works on the web, which is great for those who want to utilize in office as well. Campfire is only designed for group chat however, so you don’t have the option for private messaging. You can make private rooms and include on select participants. Campfire is free, but you are only limited to 4 users and 10MB of storage. After that, it’s about $1 per user per month. Get this app from either the Google Play or iTunes Store.

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